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Summer is almost upon us, and with it comes things like barbecues and pool parties. If you’re a little behind on cleaning, and do not want to distract from your house in less than perfect condition, the cleaning service could be just what you need. There are a lot of Chicago services that help you catch up on cleaning duty – or do what you do not have time to do yourself

You may have to house cleaning, if you go too – especially if you are already living in the new house and have no time for a trip to the old one to clean it in anticipation of the sale or rental of the end for you. If you do not clean the old house, it could reduce its value, or lead to loss of deposit if the landlord is not satisfied with the state of the house, when they see him. Cleaning house in Chicago will help you avoid such problems.

You are one of several options for cleaning companies in northern Illinois. They all offer Chicago house cleaning services in Chicago. It may not be easy to decide which one you should choose. You can take a final decision on the recommendation of a friend or family member. If they used those specific cleaning services in Chicago and in the past, you can use their experience to make your choice.

May 30th, 2013

Ideas For A Clean Home

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1. When you want to wash your windows, make sure they are in the proper condition for the task. Touch them – if they are warm, then you are not good to go. They should cool down first. When you make sure the glass surface is ready, start by applying the cleaning product on the whole surface, using a wet cloth. Then, wipe it off with a rag. Wash the rag after each wipe. Finally, in order to avoid any marks, finish the surface with a paper towel or an old newspaper.

2. When doing your spring cleaning be consistent – do not clean two or more rooms at the same time as this will get you exhausted too fast. When you concentrate your attention on just one room at a time you save time and efforts.

3. Clean your dresser. Take everything out of there and make sure you clean the corners of it good, as they often become the home of different germs or just dust and dirtiness.

4. The light curtains which are usually used for nothing more but decoration are easy to maintain. You can wash them by hand or throw them into the washing machine. The heavy curtains, however, are far from easy to take care of. It is because of their mossy surface, they attract a lot of dust and dirtiness which can be hard to get off. However, there is a way around it. Soak a cloth in hot water, squeeze it good and then gently wipe the curtain in a vertical direction. Before you do that, you can dust the curtain with a soft brush, but you risk spreading the dust in the room.

5. The newer models of bathtubs are made of porcelain, which requires special attention when cleaning them. Use liquid cleaners which do not have abrasive particles, acids or alkali in them, otherwise you might damage the surface.

6. When your flowers are dusty you can use the shower and spray it with cool water for a while. Then dry it with a towel.

7. In order to freshen up your upholstery, use the vacuum cleaner. Set it to “high” and use the narrow nozzle to clean the corners of the furniture. Do not forget all the sides of the pillows and cushions and under the furniture. If you have clean the upholstery with a cleaning product, make sure you try the product on a less visible part of the furniture to see if it has a positive effect on the fabric. Sometimes there can be an unpleasant chemical reaction than can ruin your furniture.

8. When you change the water in your fish tank, do not pour it down the sewer. It has a rich nutrition value so you can use it to water the plants with it.

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Every time when the season changes, I have lot of work at home. Everything has to be reordered, rearranged, cleaned… Most of my friends hate this moment, but I find it exciting. Well, I don’t feel so joyful at the beginning of the autumn or the winter, but now, when the spring comes it is like a celebration time for me. I love this season when the nature is reborn over and over again every year. It is so inspiring!

So, the last week I spent in spring preparations. I first had to check all of the winter clothes. I folded these of them, which were in good condition. Put them in special plastic bags and then – on the highest shelves in our wardrobes. Then I had to put aside the ones, which already looked outworn. Later I would carry these clothes to the trash can. I made a third pile as well – there a put the clothes, which were in good condition, but we haven’t used this winter at all. These clothes I would donate. Some people can’t bear casting aside their old clothes. But for me it is some kind of relief. I am happy when I get rid of something old and unused and free up space for something new and fresh.

Then it was time for the spring clothes to be ordered. I took them out from the wardrobes and arranged them on these shelves, which would be most comfortable to use every day.

There was something new and interesting in the spring preparations this year. My girls took part in it. The previous years I usually waited for them to go to school or kindergarten and then started with the reordering. But now I decided they are big enough to take care for their own clothes. Especially Lisa. She was a big girl already. She helped me a lot with their room. And she was especially excited about the donating. She was glad she could help other girls and give some of her clothes and things to them. As regards to Emma, the whole thing was like a game for her. She was looking what me and her sister were doing and was feeling proud she is doing the same things as the grownups.

After we finished with the clothes, it was time to bring the spring atmosphere at home. I have special home decoration and accessories for every season and each holiday. Now I felt it was time for fresh clours and spring flower details. So I took out the delicate green curtains and hanged them. I packed away some of the silver decoration and stylish grey things and replaced them with floral patterned vases and dishes. My girls added the last detail – they went to the flower shop and brought bunch of beautiful tulips and hyacinths, which refreshed our home’s atmosphere.


Usually the best results are being achieved by using a combination of circumstances, skills, ideas, settings, experience and work. This applies to every little thing in our life. And to our cleaning attempts and achievements as well. If you want to be flawless housekeeper always proud of your perfectly maintained home, you need something more than hard work. You need these little ideas, which could ease your work and improve your results in kitchen cleaning. Some of the best home cleaning professionals share their experience at

– What to do when a pot has boiled over and your stove is all draggled?

There is nothing to worry about. This has happened to everyone. Don’t blame yourself. No one can be so watchful to avoid such incidents in the kitchen. Once you have noticed the spill on the stove, don’t be hurry to take some actions. Let the place cool first. Then pick up the pans and grates. You will clean them separately later. Take your dishwasher product (no matter if it is gel or powder) and apply some of it directly over the spill. Wait for about several minutes and wipe the area off with a sponge. If the spot is still stuck, some drops of water will help you make it easier and wipe clean.

– What to do when your crumbs, drips and other dishes have dried on your stove?

Everyone knows it is best to remove the things off the stove right after finishing with them, but it sometimes happens to neglect this salutary habit. But the mess still can be cleaned. If your stove’s grates or drip pans got bit more smeary and smudgy, put them alone in the dishwasher on the pots and pans cycle. You could also put them in the sink and pour hot water and powerful dishwasher product in. The water should be enough to cover them and the detergent does not need to be more than ¼ cup. Wait about half an hour and rinse them.

– What to do if your kitchen surfaces are covered in grease?

If you spend little time in your kitchen, it usually looks tidy and clean. But if you are an avid cook, your kitchen is probably often being smudged and stained. For its regular maintenance you can use white vinegar. In order to be easier for you, you can store it in a spray bottle. You can use it every week to clean the greasy surfaces by scrubbing them with a cloth or a sponge. Avoid treating with it only porous surfaces as granite. If the spots are more persistent, you will need degreaser, applied by a microfiber cloth. Treat not only the visible surfaces, but also the ones, which usually remain aside of the eye level as the top of the refrigerator.


How to Clean the Kitchen


This is a simple guide on how to most effectively to clean your kitchen from If you’re a complete noob in the cleaning field (and I assume you are, or otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this) than pay attention and learn a little something.


  1. The kitchen is the dirtiest room in your home. Think about it – that’s where you store your food. Rodent and insect infestations start there because there is much food and they are looking for it. Bacteria and germs, pretty much like the insects and rats, are looking for food, which means the number of bacteria and other contaminants in your kitchen is higher than even in your bathroom. Think about it and you will see I’m right. Also, your kitchen sink is there, which is arguably the dirtiest place in the kitchen, making it the king of the germs in your home. This why you must clean your kitchen every day, especially if you have children. Cleaning the kitchen is essential for your better health and there are also other benefits. Clean your kitchen every day and clean the sink at least once a week (once every two weeks if you’re too lazy) and I will guarantee you things will get better.
  2. Clean everywhere. Don’t just clean the obvious places, clean also in the cupboards, especially where you keep your food. Sweet foods are the priority as usually bacteria like them the most for the glucose. Get everything out and clean and don’t be lazy about it. Using detergents and other chemicals isn’t always the best thing you can do because they can be dangerous. White vinegar is a little less effective but you can hardly get greener than that. White vinegar can be used for cleaning and is perfect for people who are all about being green.
  3. The stove is the centerpiece of cleaning your kitchen. It is where you prepare your food and it is the place most likely to be dirty after your abuse (if you’re not a good cook, which most people aren’t, then what you do in the kitchen, I can call nothing but abuse of the products and the equipment – learn to cook, as well as to clean). It is also bacteria ridden which makes it dangerous for you and your kids. So pay extra attention to the stove – it’s very, very, very important.
  4. The fridge is the second most important aspect of cleaning your kitchen. The fridge must be cleaned at least once a week and it has to be cleaned very, very well because it is where you keep part of your food which makes it another target to the germs. The lower temperatures mean that there will be less of them there, but it is still vulnerable so keep that in mind.
  5. Clean your kitchen every day.

  A good little, part-time house cleaning company can reap the benefits of having a professional company logo. For much more serious players in the cleaning and maid service industries an emblem is an essential element of creating a company. Your business will be helped by a logo to give a great first impression and be seemingly more successful and professional.Let us examine a few of the typical faculties that can be found among maid service and house cleaning images. In the following report we also offer suggestions on how you may go about getting a style that will be impressive for the marketing of one’s cleaning business.Common Images on House Cleaning LogosMany cleaning businesses go for a logo with a graphic or mark that people will immediately relate solely to the company. It can be wise to make it clear to people so that they can quickly recognize exactly what sort of company you are.Look at many different internet sites for companies that clean houses and you’ll see some common themes begin to appear. Bubbles are popular and are connected with cleanliness and soap, as are representations of nature like leaves, water and the sun. Some types highlight the solution, sometimes in the traditional attire of a maid. Others contain pictures of cleaning equipment like dusters, vacuums and mops. You could also consider including a picture or symbol of a house to stress the residential character of your business.Graphics that provide the look to a brand of a luster or shine are also well utilized in the cleaning industry. The finishing touches can make all of the big difference to a cleaning logo.There is not any reason why you ought to follow combined with stereotypical images stated above though. You are more likely to end up with an original logo that stands apart in your industry if you go for something a little more subjective. An more abstract option might also permit your business to develop in an alternative way in the near future if you desired to enter into other cleaning niches.Color SelectionBlue could be the color of hygiene and almost all of house cleaning businesses combine various shades of blue along side white in their emblem designs. Avoid ‘dirty seeking’ shades like brown or yellow.There can be an industry pattern towards ‘green’ cleaning solutions and these lenders benefit shades of green over blue to highlight the eco-friendly character of their services.Font IdeasThere are a limitless number of font choices for images and a good designer can have a number of different designs to you. A font can unconsciously convey a note to prospective clients, just as the selection of photographs and color can. The right typeface should enhance other elements of your logo with regards to size and style and it should be fairly simple to read.OriginalityYour logo should really stand out locally to be distinctive. A logo that’s simple, clean and clean probably will be the more effective and versatile.Briefing Your DesignerThe best option to get a logo online is to use a business giving design solutions to custom logo. With this method you always get a variety of initial different design methods from a selection of makers. They’re tailored especially for the needs you have. You also get to have some insight into the design process and make changes where you feel they’re necessary until you are happy with the last design.When you get a custom logo design you’ll have to perform a briefing sort make sure you provide the design team information on your business. Tell them about the type of clients and your company plans that you targeting with your cleaning services.Make sure that you’ve a fairly good concept of the style of images that your main competitors are utilizing. You can then point your brand artist to these and question them to make sure that you find yourself with something distinctive that will not cause consumers to confuse your cleaning support with others in your area.The residential cleaning enterprise is competitive and you consequently need to do everything that you can to be noticeable against other participants on the market. Having a fantastic custom logo is one good way to achieve this. Start building a strong brand for your house cleaning business or maid service from the start by investing some money and time into getting an emblem that’s an ideal fit with your business.